Parterre, 2012
Temporary International Installation Public Art Project
15' W x 15' L x 20" H

In the Great Hall of the Jeppsen Terminal, a space of transition for those arriving in Denver and those awaiting them, I found an ideal opportunity to provide an audience with a theatrical view. By creating an aerial view of an enormous formal landscape that subtly incorporates the language of the airport and airfields, I wanted this installation to serve figuratively and literally as a meeting place and a rich visual landscape to lose oneself in. The centrality of this site, the perspective one can have on it from the bridges above, and the pattern of the floor which references the four rivers of Colorado (a paradise idea) all contributed to my sense that sculpture could play an important role here.

With all this in mind, I designed a sculpture that references a formal garden. The sculpture, titled Parterre- which is French for “above the ground”, is comprised of nine connected components made out of sheet aluminum, drilled, and clad with more than 12,000 ceramic leaves. The structure is minimal in its overall form appearing as a floating slab of a green hedge-like material, but has a rich palette of color and texture on its face, providing a tactile and lush painted surface to contemplate. The square form is 15’ x 15’ sitting only 20” high off the ground and visually lifted 5” from the floor by a recessed foot. The image on the face of this slab is of a circular (compass-like) formal garden maze with hidden images of airfield iconography (runways, signage, and airplanes) that aims to re-envision the airfield as ‘field’ or formal garden.

With all my work I explore ideas about elsewhere suggested by forms reminiscent of gardens and art historical sculpture while creating spaces one can physically enter and explore. Examining the boundaries between nature and culture, interior and exterior landscapes, and travel to places that exist in ones’ imagination are recurrent themes in my work that would hopefully resonate within the site of the airport.