Words are Leaves, Deeds are Fruit, 2011
Glazed Terracotta
Public Art Project for Danish Ministry of Culture
Sponsored Residency at GULDAGERGAARD International Residency in Skaelskor, DK

In making this work for Slagelse City Hall, I hoped to create something that wove together the threads of its agricultural past with its Viking settlement history. I collected and made plaster molds of six deciduous trees that are vernacular to the region. These six ancient trees with their own rich narrative histories– the ash, alder, oak, hornbeam, silver birch and lime - were used for the wood of Viking ships and instrumental in making Denmark the cultural capital it has long been. I studied Viking motifs from jewelry and belts and incorporated these into the vessel that holds an idealized shrub that is a tall form with twelve lines of leaves entwined into a unified matrix. Nature and culture are woven together, married, and each is dependant on the other's ability to nurture and support them.