Images Scroll LeftRest Assured, X Boyfriends, 2014
Pritzlaff Building, Third Ward, Milwaukee, WI
Denim, cotton batting, thread, condoms
130" L x 86" W

In the queen-size quilt piece for the exhibition, Preservatif, titled, “Rest Assured, X Boyfriends”, constructed from back pockets of used pants, each pocket contains a condom.  I’m interested in referencing the hidden recess of the back pocket as a charged site of sexuality, intimacy, agency, and a particularly male domain. I want to acknowledge multiple layers in this piece, from the AIDS Quilt (a tremendous act of remembrance), to those who shared our beds, to our personal histories evidenced by our worn garments, to where we sat, and perhaps to our final resting spot.

Condoms in our contemporary world signal both life and death in their use and existence – they prevent an unwanted life from starting, or an untimely death from occurring. They offer a freedom from those fears or desires. It is my aim that this quilt will embody that fraught history that we, and condoms, have with sex, life, and death.